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Ella May And The Wishing Stone (2011)

by Cary Fagan(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 2
1770492259 (ISBN13: 9781770492257)
Tundra Books
review 1: Ella May discovers a special wishing stone. When her friends want to use her stone, Ella May says it is too special. When they find stones of their own, Ella May dismisses their stones, as the stones do not have the wishing stone’s line going-all-all-all the way around it. One friend creates a wishing stone machine, and all the friends pay a penny for a wishing stone to be made for them, and Ella May is sad and wishes she was the only one with a wishing stone. When rain washes away the line going-all-all-all the way around it off the stones, and Ella May is the only one with a wishing stone, she discovers she is not as happy as she thought she might be. A gentle little story about the small delights and pains of being a child.“’Wish, wish, I’m making a wishOn my wi... moreshing stone.And it will come true, oh yes it will,Because I brought you home.’The screen door of Ella May’s house opened. Out slid a little tray. On the tray were a tuna fish sandwich, a pickle, a handful of chips, and a glass of milk.‘Look!’ she said. ‘I wished for my lunch and here it is. Thank you, wishing stone.’”
review 2: What a lovely read aloud about friendship. Ella May comes home with a wishing stone and insists her rock is the only true wishing stone as it has a line all the way around it. Manuel was not happy about Ella May's smugness and shows up with a "machine" that changes all the kids' ordinary stones into a wishing stones. Just don't let it rain on them! Ella May learns that having friends is better than being the only one with something. Where did that wishing stone go anyway? :) less
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A little girl learns that you have to take ownership of your wishes and work to make them come true.
A sweet story about friendship and sharing. "Wish, wish, I'm making a wish..."
Beautiful story of friendship and a wishing stone.
Ella May learns about friendship and sharing.
summer-good extension activity ideas
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