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Supernatural Born Killer (2012)

by Casey Daniels(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 4
Pepper Martin
review 1: Wow, this was a grand finale, if indeed it is the last book in the series, which frankly I hope it isn't. It's got everything you could possibly want, a ghostly office staff for Pepper, a ghost with duct tape on it's mouth so it can't talk who leaves puddles all over the place and to top it all off Pepper's Mother and Father (that's right Dad's out of jail) want to help her investigate! Oh yes, I forgot to mention the mad millionaire who wants to marry her!
review 2: This has been a series that I have enjoyed for awhile and I love that even this far into the series (this is book 9), I am still surprised and able to give the book more than 3 stars. This addition to the series was fun, creepy and interesting. A lot happens both as far as Pepper’s supernatural
... moreinvestigations and her work at the cemetery go, but also in her personal life. Between her parents and hottie Detective Quinn, Pepper has definitely shouldn’t be able to concentrate on her work, but she thankfully she doesn’t have to. Her work at the cemetery is taken over by a few of the ghosts living there and her supernatural investigation is one she’s working on with Quinn. Of course things get hairy, her life gets put on the line and she has a new admirer in the uber rich comic book nerd Milo Blackstone. And all of it is done with the hints of humor and fun that these books are known for. Although the end kind of seems like it’s the end of the road for the series, I am hoping that there is more. I love Pepper and the cast of characters that we’ve met throughout the series. I would hate for this to be the end, but if it is, it was definitely a satisfying way to go. less
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loved it. really hope there's another book to this series
This was just not interesting,couldn't get past halfway
Loved the ending. Review To Come.
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