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Dead Man Talking (2009)

by Casey Daniels(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 2
0425230740 (ISBN13: 9780425230749)
Pepper Martin
review 1: Pepper is tasked with leading a team to fix up a cemetery and it's all being broadcast as a reality TV show competition. She's also in pursuit of the true killer of a girl murdered in the 80s. Pepper's current ghost case was wrongfully convicted of the girl's. Nice intro to a few new characters that I hope stick around. I'm still liking these but they're becoming a little too House like for me (patient (ghost) repeatedly leaves out pertinent information that would lead to a speedier resolution).
review 2: I think that Pepper is such a fun character, I wish that I had her confidence and her incredible gift.I really missed Dan in this novel, I really hope that he reappears I think Pepper needs him in her life. I wish that Quinn was not so cocky and full of himsel
... moref, he needs to open his eyes and his mind if he wants to survive in Pepper's world.I am so glad that Pepper solved the case and gave Jefferson Lamar some justice and gave his wife some closure. He may not have been the greatest guy to have ever walked the earth but that does not mean that he should suffer (in life or in death) false allegations or a wrongful murder conviction.I can't wait to read all about Pepper's next adventure. less
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Funny, and the character keeps evolving. I really liked it, and am looking forward to the next one.
The supporting characters in this book are quite likable and the premise was entertaining.
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