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The Assassin's Curse (2012)

by Cassandra Rose Clarke(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 2
1908844019 (ISBN13: 9781908844019)
Strange Chemistry
The Assassin's Curse
review 1: I'm not sure what to say here. By the end I absolutely loved this book. I am annoyed at myself for not purchasing the sequel in my book bundle this month. The reason I didn't is because I despised the first 50 pages. I started this book in early September. I read about 40 pages then, and found it rather strange; I did not like the style of writing, and the plot seemed overly confusing (although this may have been due to the fact that I was reading it late at night and was practically asleep). It took me until mid October to pick this up again, and even then I spent just shy of a week struggling through the next 60 or so pages. It was only today, when I pushed past the 100-page mark, that I actually began to fall in love with this book. Once this book got going, I found the... more plot so compelling. I adored Ananna and Naji, and the story went in an original and interesting direction. The last 200 pages warranted 5 stars, but I had to dock a star for the slow start. If the whole book was like the last 2/3, this could be on my favourites list. Shame the book wasn't consistently amazing.
review 2: Very solid fantasy adventure story. I enjoyed the two characters Annana and Naji and thought their dynamic and relationship developed quite nicely throughout the book. I think they great thing about this book is the setting and where the story takes you because there is literally a little bit of everything in there. There is populated cities, deserts, the high seas, and I loved every section of it. It's a great combination of assassin lore and pirate lore, so if you are interested in reading about both in one book, look no further because this will be a great book for you. less
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A really fun read! Pirates, assassins and magic mixed into one heck of a story.
pirate's wish here i come
3.5 Stars
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