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Switched (2013)

by Cassie Mae(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 7
Random House LLC
review 1: The whole idea of breaking Talon and Raegan's relationship is something that friends don't/shouldn't do. They (Kayla and Wesley) are just telling themselves that eventually everything will fall right into place because it's their way to make themselves less guilty about their plan. I'm just glad things went well towards the end. The characters are a bit highschoolish in my opinion, but still a fun and fluffy read.
review 2: Kayla is in 'love' with Reagan's (her best friend) boyfriend, Talon. Wesley is Talon's best friend and he is in 'love' with said BFF's girl, Reagan! Confused? Just think middle school and you'll catch up! Dejected, Kayla & Wesley devise a plan to make Reagan & Talon realize they do not belong together (a.k.a break them up)...with best friend
... mores like that, who needs enemies?!?!?!?!? To prevent being a spoiler, let's just say there is an unrealistic 'twist' in some alternate universe where best friends are ultra forgiving and have super powers as match makers. Maybe my age makes me cynical to this particular teen-like story...Simply put, it was not for me. less
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Cute and fun read. Great story line. Semi great characters. four stars from this girl :)
loved every minute of it! there were so many times I couldn't help but laugh out loud!
This book was so good and kept my interest the entire time!
Loved this story!
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