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Front And Center (2009)

by Catherine Gilbert Murdock(Favorite Author)
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0618959823 (ISBN13: 9780618959822)
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review 1: This book was interesting, nothing like anything I have ever read before. The book was about this girl named D.J and she was on the football team and was the girls point guard for basketball. D.J was a star athlete she was being recruited from all over, but D.J's basketball coach told her she needs to work on her leadership skills, because the one place she wanted to go was The University of Minnesota. The University of Minnesota wanted a great athlete who has great leadership skills. D.J has a brother who was in the hospital because he tried to kill himself. D.J took a break from school and sports to be with her brother, but when she returned to school her locker was all decorated with her jersey number and pictures of her. Everyone asked about her brother and she got so ... morefend up with that question she was tempted to write it on her forehead in Sharpie marker. D.J was shocked that everyone did this for her she thought that everyone would be mean to her but everyone was nice to her, even her x-boyfriend asked how her brother was doing he told her that he was praying for her family. D.J was even "asked out" buy one of her best guy friends but she thought he was kidding with her. If you want to know what happens on that "date" you will just have to t read the book yourself.
review 2: It's bittersweet to be finished with this series. It took me forever to get a hold of this one on audio. After having listened to Natalie Moore on the first two, I really didn't want to read the third book. I wanted to listen to it. Natalie Moore really inhabits D.J. This is, however, not one of those audiobooks that I finished and thought I liked mostly because of the narrator. No, Catherine Gilbert Murdock's writing is also wonderful. I'm positive this will be a series I revisit. Maybe next time I will read it instead of listen. I've found very few characters quite as likeable and relatable as D.J. Schwenk in my life, and I've read a few books. I was consistently smiling throughout this book and occasionally laughing out loud. The pressures of being a teenager are not trivialized. D.J.'s struggles to navigate the social landscape of high school was very real and not melodramatic. Her self-deprecation was amusing while still being poignant. The author has respect for her character even when D.J. is having trouble respecting herself. Seriously, I can't say enough about how lovely this book (and series) is. less
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Great ending to a great series. Highly recommended.
I`m going to miss D.J. & her family...& BRIAN!!
Sweet and entertaining.
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