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Rap Star (2012)

by Chanel Jones(Favorite Author)
4.62 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: I really enjoyed reading this book, I was nervous that at the beginning it would be slow but Boy was I wrong. This book was full of twists and turns. I think that Dafon was very determined to follow his dreams and he did but afterward he lost himself, he did Melissa very dirty and with him falling in love with Jasmine like that right when Mel gets pregnant was insane! I do think that they were way too young to be getting married in the first place. However, I have a feeling that Mike was behind sending the photos to Melissa anyway and played apart in their break up. I like that he is taking care of Jasmine because I know her history so I know where she came from. I'm not sure for my feelings towards the events in the book like I know that Jasmine is a homewrecker but knowi... moreng where she came from has me feeling pretty happy for her but a the same time I'm sad for Melissa because she didn't deserve what Dafon put her through damn I am so into these characters lol. Chanel Jones you did an amazing job with this series.... Onto #2 =)
review 2: Hands down this book was good. Kept my attention from the first page until the end. Dafon Aka Dada is a hustler with a dream of becoming a rapper. The day he got signed to his first deal he proposed to his high school girlfriend. Now a big time star Dada only has one problem and that's being faithful to his wife Mel. Blinded by love Mel believes nothing of what she hears but only what her husband tells her. Once Jessica enters the picture Mel's world is turned upside down. This book was real on so many levels. Follow Dalfon, Jessica and Melissa aka Mel and see what happens. A definite 5* read. A few grammatical errors but not enough to take away from the story l. less
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Im not sure what i thought about it at first but i ended up loving it I cant wait to read part two!
I had this book for a long time before I actually read it... mad I waited so long!!!
For a first time author; she definitely set it off with this!
good read can't to see what his wife is going to do.
Excellent read left my review on Amazon
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