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The Thirteenth Gift (2011)

by Charlene Costanzo(Favorite Author)
3.14 of 5 Votes: 5
1891836137 (ISBN13: 9781891836138)
review 1: This is a short-story that tells a fable within a story. Claire is a reporter and is away on an assignment when she learns of a local legend. After hearing this story, Claire is transformed and it changes her relationship with her husband, her career goals, and her outlook on life. The fable in this story reminds me of Sleeping Beauty, where the fairies grant gifts to the princess. However, Charlene Costanzo takes it one step further and shows us how we can apply that story to our lives today. While it is a very short and simple story, the message is sweet and applicable to anyone’s life.
review 2: On assignment in Eastern Europe the main character in this novella fnds herself looking at her life at a very pivitol moment in time. Her marriage is sufferi
... moreng.... her childen want her to come home to be with them.... she has been offered yet another assignment which she accepted without discussing with her husband. As she finishes up her current assignment early she decides to surprise her family by coming home. She tries to get a flight and must wait yet one more day so she makes a small excursion..... or does she????? She embarks on a journey into a fable told by an old woman in a small dwelling.... a fable about 13 gifts of life. She is moved and changed by the experience but is left wondering did it all really happen until meets a woman on the flight coming home. less
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This was a freebie for the Kindle. Short story, under 100 pages. Didn't do anything for me.
I wasn't very impressed with this short story.
Good concept. Crappy writing.
Uhhhh ... it was okay
Very insightful!
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