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The Power Of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life And Business (2011)

by Charles Duhigg(Favorite Author)
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1400069289 (ISBN13: 9781400069286)
Random House
review 1: Incredible study on how habits permeate our lives. There is no "magic pill" to create or modify habits, however this book does a great job of deconstructing them and explaining how to have power over them. In addition to a clear description of what to do, he also has many interesting examples of experiments, businesses, and personal stories that show habits in action. A fast and engaging read all the way through.
review 2: Charles Duhigg has written a comprehensive study of habits and has provided many significant historical examples, both on an individual level and organizational level, to create understanding of the impact our habits have. We are human beings and are inevitably acting through our habits. The key is making choices around our habits that drive
... morea positive life experience rather than a negative one or creating a positive organizational culture versus a negative one. The book outlines a framework for creating new habits that, if applied, will help anyone who is seeking to make a positive change in their life through their habits (i.e. to quit smoking, lose weight, transform a culture, etc.). less
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So fascinating and intriguing, especially for a nonprofit book.
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