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The Curmudgeon's Guide To Getting Ahead: Dos And Don'ts Of Right Behavior, Tough Thinking, Clear Writing, And Living A Good Life (2014)

by Charles Murray(Favorite Author)
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0804141444 (ISBN13: 9780804141444)
Crown Business
review 1: Life advice from Charles Murray-"If you think you have a bad boss, first go into a quiet room, look deep into your soul, and determine whether you are a victim or a self-absorbed naif." (pg 42)Um, what?I have mixed opinions on Charles Murray as a person, but his writing wasn't for me.It's an effortless read. Perhaps too effortless. It did bring up SOME mildly interesting points, but it's mostly common sense, and Murrray's ego is unnecessarily omnipresent throughout the text.Being as this is a GUIDE, the writing isn't terrific- but he could do without the overbearing pompous and condescending tone he speaks with. It'd make his writing, and especially his "advice" more accessible, relatable, and trustworthy.I also hated that he recommended books and movies to the reader, as... moresuming that we would love them as he did. Thoughtful, but not when you say it like this- (Upon recommending watching the film "Groundhog Day"):"Why is it a good thing to understand this movie so well? Because it will help you live a good life. Absorbing the deep meaning of the Nicomachean Ethics will also help you live a good life, but Groundhog Day will do it with a lot less effort."pg 142.So he's telling us something will help us live a good life based on the mere fact that he enjoyed it himself. Not to mention he's encouraging laziness.I wouldn't recommend to read this if you're a fan of good literature. If you're looking for something quick to read, or perhaps make fun of, I'd suggest picking this up.I'm still questioning why I read this.
review 2: This short book is packed full of gems. I think there's only actually about 40 tips total. The author is a self-proclaimed curmudgeon and is hilarious. He never rants but nails the point in a memorable and humorous way & keeps going. If you're in your 20s & 30s trying to figure out how to behave in life & the workplace, I'd strongly recommend.If you've got kids & want to continue herding them in the direction of a good future, have them get through this or make them listen to it in the car with you. There is one bland spot that talks about reading, which I personally found dull, but that was only about 10% of the book. Enjoy! less
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a primer for the budding policy analyst and political staffer. The book I wish I'd had 30 years ago.
felt like reading a blog which talks about many things . But nothing is concrete.
Everyone between the ages of 16 and 40 should read this.
Quick and simple, with some pretty good thoughts.
I'm struck by how touchy-feely his workplace is.
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