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Ghost Bride (2000)

by Cheri Chesley(Favorite Author)
3.06 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: Genevieve is marrying her love Alfred. Since the 5 years that have passed since his illfated wedding day to her cousin and friend the beautiful Arianne she has stood by him through the accusations of him murdering his first bride.Now they can finally have their happy ever after.Or so they think.The problem I had with this short story is that it doesnt seem to go anywhere.When you read a short piece like this you except it to capture your attention and reward you in some way for reading it throught to the end.But this one was just pointless and predictable.The time period is supposed to be in the 1800s but its so nondescript that it might as well take place in the modern era if not for a lack of cellphones and computers.The characters are not much better as we get Genevieve... more mosying and musing about all alone in the house[spoiler]and then the ghost of Arianne returns and its about as scary as something that is not scary.The ghost bride in question has just as much subtility in her actions as this ghost[/spoiler]Then there is the character of Alfred the husband,who treats his wife in a too cutesy manner for it to be considered romantic behavior between two adults. Kissing her nosetip and head to show his affection on their wedding day.Thats what every girl dreams of right? And I didnt really understand the end of it. [spoiler]If someone was already a prime suspect for his first wifes fatal incident and then his second wife falls to her death in a similar way. I would Think instead of pitying the husband it would raise some questions about if he didnt atually murder the both of them.[/spoiler]It was free at least.
review 2: The book is about a woman who kills another woman - her childhood friend - on her wedding night to marry the woman's husband. On their wedding night, the first woman comes back as a ghost and pushes the woman down the stairs. I know that is a spoiler but as the book is only 22 pages long, it wasn't much of a stretch.I didn't like that the story was told to us rather than acted out better. It seemed hastily put together and overall very predictable. Really, how silly. less
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This was an interesting book. This book has some interesting twists in it. I read it on my Kindle.
This was a good little story to read on Halloween.
Awesome story! Spooking, and surprising ending.
Squirmish and ghost-ish and fun. :-) Yikes!
A nice little ghost story
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