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Lipstick & Leather (2000)

by Cheyenne McCray(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 2
Rough and Ready
review 1: These were decent short stories. Not great, but....okay. I was raised around rodeos, so really enjoyed Cowboy Up. It seemed like it could possibly happen and that is a plus. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the ending happening that way, but that's me....Rough Rider....Now this was a story I could see happening. I was chuckling at Brianna's arrival at the ranch. A city girl coming to a working ranch in a rainstorm...falling in a mudpuddle... Quite a chuckle. Back in the Saddle...was cute and sweet. Oh....and they all had their moments of steamy sex so...not misleading there.
review 2: Cowboy Up: 2-1/2 starsAnna & Mike know each other for all of 24 hrs before he bares his soul and they discuss the possibilities if a long-distance relationship. Really?!?!
... moreThough there were good moments, I just couldn't accept the story...Rough Rider: 3 starsOkay, we're making some progress. BUT - love at first sight? Not buying it. I'm also wondering where all these guys are that launch into these deep meaningful monologues about feelings and stuff. Too much talking.Back in the Saddle: 2 starsToo much going on in this one. I get the need for a big event that tore them apart, but sheesh! It was too much to process in too little time. I'm all for short stories and novellas, but they need to be fully developed. These could have been much better if the plots and characters were fleshed out even more. less
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A very easy sexy read. I definitely enjoyed it.
Quick reads. Hot sex! Hot cowboys!
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