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No Werewolves Allowed (2010)

by Cheyenne McCray(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 1
0312946422 (ISBN13: 9780312946425)
St. Martin's Paperbacks
Night Tracker
review 1: (3.75stars actually) Nyx Ciar, drow and centerpiece of this paranormal PI/action series loves her break from life as a Princess of the Dark Elves and the finer things of life, comes to grips with her relationship with human detective Adam Boyd, helps unravel a plot regarding the mysterious disappearance of Were’s in the area within a tight deadline and shows off her skills as a leader and a warrior this time out. I thought the villain was sufficiently diabolical with vile enough henchmen and the plot itself quite intriguing and mysterious – what fell flat for me was the wordy exposition – it seemed to be too much. After getting beyond this annoyance I was pleased to be rewarded with a gem of a solid second outing for the Night Tracker series.
review 2:
... moreGuess I'm only reading this because I haven't got anything else. The lead character and the plot are just lacking for me. The romantic interest bores me but I've read worse. Nyx seems too young and naive for her job and her whole life experiences just don't gel.If Drow don't come to earth how did her mother meet her father. If her society really is so repressive towards females how do they tolerate a human, non-submissive Queen or a half breed princess. I know it's only paranormal fantasy but it's just lacking something real for me to connect with. And her human lover. Well he's got great abs and a fantastic rear but can he meld with shadows or control the elements, it's all a bit unequal.Her best friend annoys me. How can you be so mouthy when everyone else is faster and fiercer than you.The character's that I liked from the first book don't make an appearance, I actually skipped through the sex scene because I wasn't interested, and the plot was laughable.Maybe I should give this book just one star.Will I read the next one..... maybe. It may get better. less
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Guess I'm just not in the mood for blood, death and mayhem!
I like this author.
Quick fun read
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