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Killer Of Men (2010)

by Christian Cameron(Favorite Author)
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0752898582 (ISBN13: 9780752898582)
Long War
review 1: this is a good entertaining read. so much so I immediately downloaded the second book in the series and have started that. it must be said though that unless you have a doctorate in ancient Greece you are constantly going back and forth between the page you are reading and the page of terminology to understand what is being read. this does get frustrating for the first book but now I'm on the second I have a pretty good grasp of the terminology being used. who said reading for pleasure couldn't teach you a thing or two!
review 2: This series is titled the Long War and man, that is the truth! It took me a long time to read this book but I finally finished it. I couldn't tell you why I finished it though. It is one of those books you start to read and it is not r
... moreeally what you expect and you keep hoping it will get better, but it never does so you plod on through it and you are left wondering why you didn't put it in the bookstore trade box after the first 50 pages. That is just my opinion and I am sticking to it. less
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Outstanding book outstanding series. I you loved Malazan and GoT then this is a must read.
Let's say it's 3.75 stars. Entertaining read, slightly boring on few occasions.
It's metal as fuck.
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