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Sangre Guerrera (2011)

by Christian Cameron(Favorite Author)
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8493912638 (ISBN13: 9788493912635)
Editorial Bóveda
Long War
review 1: FUN. Rough-and-tumble bumpkin from Plataea learns to master his body, the sword and shield, and eventually his mind. This is book one in the series, and I loved it. The author's a recreator, an enthusiastic amateur historian who sails the Aegean in replica craft and fights with home-made recreations of weaponry. Whether because of this or a natural talent, the story comes alive in a simple but vivid way that other historical novels often fail. At its heart the protagonist is a likable (sometimes foolish, never evil) chap who deserves his successes and lets us feel his losses.This is book one of the three in the series that I read. The author manages, as the protagonist grows up, to make him older and wiser. He's a clueless teen, an impetuous twenty-something, but by... more his thirties he's slowing down and learning not to repeat the mistakes of his youth. This is GREAT because the protagonist of the later books is, blessedly, not identical to the protagonist of the earlier books.The conceit is that the protagonist fought at, was central to, and his life was shaped by, the major Greek/Persian wars of antiquity: the battle of Marathon and subsequent set-tos. It was a fun way to get a sense of the history, more fun than (say) the dusty textbooks I have on my shelf ...
review 2: I love stories with an ancient setting, and I know quite a lot about the period...The setting was interesting and the plot was fairly well thought out.Having said that... I didn't like this book.Perhaps it was just the "review" edition that I was given, but I found the grammar uneven - too many slips into modern language, which I suppose was more for the readers benefit rather than actual errors. Some of the Greek terms were applied incorrectly and kept throwing me out of the story - I didn't mind how complicated and technical it got in places, I like that.The other thing that ruined this book for me, was the determination of characters to avoid expletives, and then less than a chapter later, expletives literally jump off the page. Odd that.It's still worth a try if you're interested in the period. less
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A book about heroes, politics and the fight for survival. A must read.
so far so good. love to wait to start the second one toady
Just Amazing, i couldn't stop reading it....
Esperaba más de su lectura.
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