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Claire De Lune (2010)

by Christine Johnson(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 1
1416991824 (ISBN13: 9781416991823)
Simon Pulse
Claire de Lune
review 1: In the post-Twilight world this was the first werewolf-related book I picked up and chose to read. Twilight did not put me off werewolves like it did with vampires (sparkly - really?) so I wasn't hesitant or nervous to start reading this series like I was with previous post-Twilight books. This was a really enjoyable read. The characters are likable and you can relate to them really easily. There are a lot of werewolf books out there thanks to Twilight and this one does go on a slightly different path to the others which was interesting to read. I did feel the books were a little too small and wanted the series to be longer but that just reflects the enjoyment I got out of the books. They were quick and enjoyable books which I will definitely pick up and reread a... moregain.
review 2: I was very excited to read this. I love the song Claire the Lune and the cover looked promissing. Though I didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. The new look on werewolves is refreshing, but the storyline was a bit standard and the plot wasn't hard to predict. I am kind of curious about the next book, because I wouldn't know what could happen next; at the end of this book, everything is solved.I wouldn't recommend this book to others. less
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I loved this book.It was such a good story and i cant wait to read Nocturne!!!!!!!
Not sure that I have the energy to read the next one. Not bad but a but boring.
The first werewolf book I've read.It is nice and simple - I like it.
changed my mind, its a two star.
3.5 stars
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