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The Gathering Dark (2013)

by Christine Johnson(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 5
1442439033 (ISBN13: 9781442439030)
Simon Pulse
review 1: This was good book it was so awesome how there could be two worlds right on top of each other. I really thought that Jeremy was a dick and he did not really like her and just wanted to use her because no one had ever gone out that much with her.Well the whole book was cool i really like it but the only thing that was just not good for me was THE END it was nothing but simple but oh well i just did not expect that to happen.
review 2: I'm surprised I liked it. I read the summary and rolled my eyes, but I'm SO glad I was wrong. Some of the figurative language was just too much (the fleece was butter soft, it was like being inside an egg ((she was at the coast of an ocean)), the oily-smooth voice cracked her focus like an egg smashing against a windowpane) and Kei
... morera's character faltered in the last couple chapters. Other then that, this is a book that I would never get tired of reading. The dark matter explanation makes a lot more sense then other sci fi books. less
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Breathtaking! Love the plot and the characters with brave personalities, like Keira. I loved it!
A lovely dark, paranormal romance. Review to come in LMC.
I liked it
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