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Twilight Of The Elites: America After Meritocracy (2012)

by Christopher L. Hayes(Favorite Author)
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0307720454 (ISBN13: 9780307720450)
review 1: In this book Hayes has provided a definition to the unasked question of what happened to society and how do we fix it. Whether diagnosing the problem on a micro level, an elite school in New York, or a macro level, the government and corporate level, he expertly hits the bulls-eye on presenting the problem and barriers for making corrections. The only problem I found with this book is that the information is presented in such a way that the people who need it most will most likely never get it. Unfortunately, the elite level of the writing puts it out of reach for the majority of the population where it would do the most good; however, one can hope that it is chopped down to its essence and then distributed to the masses thus producing a great over-haul and correction of t... morehe system. One can hope...
review 2: Got the book from First Reads. Pretty good book detailing the failures of meritocracy. Hayes goes into detail about how the illusion of meritocracy makes us forget that those who accomplish the most often do so because of their privileged backgrounds. His time at Hunter College High School likely allows him to illustrate that picture better than most. Armed with this anecdotal and empirical evidence, Hayes is able to deconstruct the notion that inequality of wealth results from inequality of hard work or effort, and his conclusions make for an interesting read. less
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Good interesting. I sort of wish it was prescriptive rather than just descriptive.
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