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A Vingança (2000)

by Christopher Reich(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 5
084854 (ISBN13: 9788599296561)
Jonathon Ransom
review 1: Spies and espionage, bombs, more spies and intelligence black ops groups. Dr Jonathan Ransom is caught up in a web involving his secret agent wife, who know one can find. The good doctor is trying to find her, too, while trying not to get killed, himself or lead the others to her. This is book 2 in the series and is actually better than book one. Dr. Ransom has grown up and become more daring. Will he ever see Emma again? This is a long book that you can balance out with lighter fiction reads...but you must pay attention to the details!
review 2: Rules of Vengeance by Christopher Reich is the second book in a trilogy centered around the doctor turned fugitive, Jonathan Ransom. The novel plays out like a movie, moved along by Reich's descriptive and action
... more-oriented relaying of events seemingly disparate but inextricably interwoven. As a plot to revitalize Russia and force the world's dependence on its vast oil reserves is gradually uncovered, and as the motivations of central characters become clear, authorities must refocus their energies accordingly.Doctor Ransom must question whether or not he has ever truly known his wife, "Emma" He knows of her involvement with a secret organization called Division, and with time has even accepted the risks associated with her less-than-legitimate line of work. He has refrained from asking too many questions when she must suddenly leave on top-secret business. When he uncovers a plot to set off an explosion in the government district of downtown London however, he feels compelled to act.Ransom's proximity to the site of the bombing which leaves one of the contenders for the Russian presidency in serious condition is his undoing. He does the only thing his heart will let him do: he runs from the law and toward his wife-and information that might help him unravel the mysterious attack, its intended objective, and the man calling the shots.Rules of Vengeance draws the reader in, but fails to always be clear. Minor characters are easily confused. Additionally, allegiances and sub-plotlines are a bit too inconsistent-even for a espionage-centered thriller. Despite these shortcomings, the book succeeds in exciting the senses, and begging us to reconsider all that we think we know. less
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Very good. I enjoy the mystery and intrigue. I will read more of Christopher Reich
I liked it better than the first...
Keeps you guessing until the end!
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