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Girl Afraid (2013)

by Ciarán West(Favorite Author)
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review 1: The dark web is the backdrop for this intense psychological, extremely dark and disturbing thriller.The story involves a group of wealthy businessmen who come from all walks of life. They have one common denominator.....they are paedophiles. They abduct young Poppy Riley, the daughter of a celebrity film maker and plan to film their exploitation of Poppy and make millions through their connections on the dark web. At first no one realises Poppy is missing....those who are meant to have her welfare at heart....not her father, Tom Riley, her mother or her father's P.A. Alice Martin.One morning Alice receives a phone call from Frank who seems to know an awful lot about Alice and Poppy. He claims to know where Poppy is being kept. Alice wonders how far she can trust Frank........ moreI nearly stopped reading this book, the subject matter is sinister, disturbing, and sickening but I wanted to know how Poppy ultimately fared, if Alice could save her and would the paedophile ring suffer the full brunt of the law. It's a very uncomfortable and heartbreaking read in parts.There were a few parts of the plot that didn't quite gel for me but I can't really say anything without giving major spoilers. They mainly involve Alice and her actions, and Tom's as well.Some momentum was lost at times with all of the differing POV, and got weighted down in places. I really didn't want to read about the justifications of some of these characters for their heinous crimes.The use of "Erm" throughout the story was distracting.It is a chilling and disturbing read. The author does a good job of keeping the tension ratcheted and there is a devious twist at the end.
review 2: When I get scared, I pull a Joey from Friends: the book goes in the freezer. I was unable to do that in this case, so it went under the kitchen sink. I read Ciaran West's first book, The Boys of Summer, and I have to say that his 2nd outing, Girl Afraid, is even more thrilling than the first.I don't want to give anything away, suffice to say that this is a book about child abduction, good guys and bad, and the reader's heart-pounding terror. I genuinely cared about the characters, which is why I reacted so strongly and ended with an under-the-sink-book-hiding.Please, do yourself a favour, and buy this book. Well worth the price. I am already eagerly looking forward to West's next endeavour! less
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wow what a story loved every page!
Tough subject but a brilliant book
did not read
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