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The Scent Of Cherry Blossoms (2012)

by Cindy Woodsmall(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 3
0307446557 (ISBN13: 9780307446558)
WaterBrook Press
Apple Ridge
review 1: I gave it four stars because I really like Cindy Woodsmall's story. If this review was just regarding the story, I would have given it five stars, but this review is for the audiobook version. Both Annie and Aiden (I hope I spelled those names correctly) were likable characters and the story was endearing. There is just one problem - the narration. I found it to be inconsistent with the quality of the book and I was unable to even finish listening to this version. The 'voice' of the male parts sounded more like a decrepit old woman or a wicked witch from a child's fairy tale. At times, the simple Mennonite girl sounded more like a prudish socialite than a young lady raised in Amish Country. It got to the point where the narration made me cringe and neither my mother nor I... more were able to finish listening to the story, which is a shame since she is such a big fan of Ms. Woodsmall's and can no longer read printed text.
review 2: While an interesting plot and easy story to read, unless you like this type of book, it was OK to read, but probably not my style of book.Annie is an old world Mennonite, Aden is Amish. Most would probably think the two cultures are so closely related, and while they are, the are not close enough to allow intermarriage.Aden's family owns Zook's Restaurant. Annie's grandfather, Daadi (meaning grandfather in the old language), lives near the Amish restaurant. And since he is a Mennonite, his culture allow him to use electricity. Since the Amish do not, he helps supply electricity to the Zook's restaurant. So this relationship is important to the Zook family.Annie comes to help out the restaurant one summer and finds that she and Aden are falling in love. They had to keep it secret, though, because her Daadi would disown her and quit suppling electricity to the Zook family. But the fact that Aden and Annie cannot stop seeing each other even knowing her Daadi holds on to this threat, they realize that this is real and worth fighting for.Aden's brother, Roman, also has his own problems. Injured in a farm tractor accident, he no longer has the use of his legs. A very smart and charming man, he now doubts himself with work and ever finding someone to love him. But of course, both these things were staring him right in the face the entire time.Surprised to find this book is actually a genre! If you like this style of book, this one definitely offers more than your simple love story. less
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I so so love this book!! I could read this book over and over again!!
Much too sweet, innocent, back woods and boring to hold my attention.
Really enjoyed this book. It was a perfect holiday read.
Not my type of book! But I did finish it.
Sweet, super clean Amish romance.
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