Fatal by John Lescroart

Fatal by John Lescroart
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He had put in the time, supported his wife, raised his difficult sons. Maybe the world still owed him. He had given his all, his energy and his passion, and for what? People don’t seem to realize that this infidelity stuff has consequences. Fatal consequences.

I have read several of Lescroart before and Fatal was indeed different from his others but it also was familiar in his main characters. Because of that I was totally engaged with this one.

The narration starts with two old friends getting together. Kate is married with two children, and Beth is single with a daughter working as a private investigator. Kate shares with her old friend her attraction to another man and in Beth’s line of work she has seen the consequences of infidelity and warns her not to act on it. It is there are you pulled into how one justifies their actions and how it snowballs into a nightmare.

The narration builds on Kate’s struggle and what she decides to do and what she has done. She meets with Beth again where an attack changes both of their lives. It takes 6 months for the friends to meet again but under different circumstances when an old acquaintance winds up dead on the beach of San Francisco with a bullet to his heart and a trail of heartbreak left behind.

This is a story about the consequences of infidelity and how far reaching it is. I liked that Beth had another story line going with a suspect of another victim that was killed by his wife and then the wife killed herself. The suspect was a victim was involved with husband and was reaping consequences of her own. The plot is driven by the characters that are fallible and are selfish. That are blind to themselves and others but you as the reader see how easily the deception takes a life of its own.

A Special Thank You to Atria Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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