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The Bear (2014)

by Claire Cameron(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 1
031623012X (ISBN13: 9780316230124)
Little, Brown and Company
review 1: I read the first couple pages and I just couldn't stand it. I'm sure just from reading the summary on the book jacket that the story was interesting. But the narrarator, Anna, really put me off from finishing the book. I believe it was a good idea to have it told from her point of view, but since she's a child, the way she talks just isn't very detailed and tends to go off on tangents often; it just really annoyed me.
review 2: I love a 1st person narration from a child's POV, and this short novel really delivers. Whether 5-yr-olds actually think this way, the narration is so refreshing. It also adds an extra element of chilling dread because we adult readers are more aware of the dangers the narrator is relating. In this case, a bear attack on a family camp
... moreing. Apparently based on a true story of a bear's unprovoked attack on a married couple, the author bases the plot on the news account, but adds 2 children who escape. The book is told from the older child's POV, a 5-yr-old girl who with her toddler brother, escape the bear attack after their frantic father throws them into the Coleman cooler (rock propped in lid for air), that the bear gives up on trying to open. Deserves every one of the 5 stars I've rated it. less
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I got into it, but it could have been better. The premise is great and I wanted to like it more.
I can't even imagine the horror. Interesting perspective as seen through a child's eyes.
Part Gary Paulsen's "Hatchet", part Emma Donoghue's "Room" and 100% a parent's nightmare.
Loved the clever, engrossing perspective this is written and old from! Very good read.
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