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The Auction (2012)

by Claire Thompson(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 6
1480112143 (ISBN13: 9781480112148)
Romance Unbound Publishing
review 1: I like Claire Thompson's characters and her stories but this one had me just upset for the first 400 pages and I was really unsure if I would like the ending. The ending was better than I expected but still it was missing something. We go from pain and hurt and what I would call a stressfull read to 'Happy ending' way too fast. I feel like the reader missed some of the good stuff. And Some serious BDSM scenes that had me question where this story was going so beware for those readers who do not like the intense sex scenes. But it was still an interesting read that made you think a lot about D/s relationships and question the idea about buying a willing sex slave on contract.
review 2: Think Pretty Woman with lots of luscious pain and domination thrown in. I rea
... morelly enjoyed this one which dabbled both in the harsher D/s undertones and S&M pain *and* in the erotic romance category. I enjoyed the Dom Adam was when he started much more than what he kind of evolved into - I took a star off for that as he seemed so not the type that wouldn't plan extensively and honestly. However by the end he was back at it and back to his old self but tempered with love. Carly was o.k. and I appreciated being in her head. I thought the BDSM scenes were hot and tantalizing. For those that can journey into a bit harsher (not real harsh..but he clearly is a sadist to her masochist) tone this one should satisfy! less
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This book was okay. There isn't much I can say about it. It wasn't great, but wasn't bad.
Just wanted more from it. Predictable and ended too quick.
I really liked it, the story line and of course the
Yummy Dark Dark!
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