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The Consultant (2009)

by Claude Bouchard(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 4
Claude Bouchard
review 1: Another great read by Bouchard. I have to admit, I did get a bit bored in the middle. That is probably my fault--there is something about drug smuggler books that flip the switch in my brain. That is the reason for a 4 star instead of the 5 star for me. That part seemed to drag a little. Other than that, the whole consultant thing with Chris and Jonathan was a wonderful twist and there was plenty of blow ups and murders to keep the story flowing along. I have fallen for the characters and they are becoming real to me, a sure sign that I am hooked. I have now read the first 3 books and soon I will start the 4th. Great series, I recommend it to anyone looking for a new thriller series.
review 2: Chris Barry was a part owner of a computer firm when he and his part
... morener sold out and retired. The head of a Canadian off the books operation to handle crimes and individuals whom the law can’t touch hires Chris who he believes is the “Vigilante” who had been dispatching some not so nice guys on his own. Chris is hired as a “Consultant” to help an import company when their MIS manager is killed. While working there Chris discovers that some of the officers and employees of the company are importing narcotics and selling them to a notorious biker gang. Chris begins to gather evidence of the activities and eventually supplies his government boss and the RCMP enough to close down the operation. A reasonably good read for a freebee. less
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Book 2. Fast read. Good story but attention is wavering. Taking a break from this series.
I enjoyed every minute of this book! Claude Bouchard is very talented in his writing!
This is the follow up to Vigilante. I enjoyed this book as well.
Jim and I both thought this book was excellent. 4.5 stars!!
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