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The Man Who Lied To His Laptop: What We Can Learn About Ourselves From Our Machines (2010)

by Clifford Nass(Favorite Author)
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1101442719 (ISBN13: 9781101442715)
review 1: I knew Cliff Nass was doing some cool stuff in his research lab at Stanford, but I didn't really realize how cool until I read this book. His methods for testing different hypotheses by using computer agents is absolutely fascinating, and has resulted in an entirely new, unique set of experiments. I really enjoyed, in particular, his chapter on Teams and Team Building, because it seemed to get me thinking about new stuff surrounding online communities.
review 2: Great little bits of insight are laid out regularly in this collection of study synopses. Although dry at times, this book provides new ways to think about interacting with technology and surprising knowledge of how we interact with people. We can see just how far we go in treating computers in a soci
... moreal context, whether we mean to or not. Drilling down to our social biases allows us to see a little bit of how we, ourselves, are programmed. less
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Funny research studies on how humans create personal ties to their technology.
I stopped listening to this book. It's not what I expected/hoped for.
Oh, yes, I read this book :)
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