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Ark Of Fire (2009)

by C.M. Palov(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 4
0425231461 (ISBN13: 9780425231463)
Caedmon Aisquith
review 1: I liked the pairing of the main characters. I detested the minor characters (like I was supposed to.) Some plot details I could have done without. Some language I could have done without but I guess that is what comes with the characters. I liked the movement, it kept me reading. I have her other books in the series. I am more interested in the Knights Templar so I hope the other books have more reference to them than this one did.
review 2: Wonderful book! It was described on the back book as "Part Dan Brown, part Indiana Jones, and part James Bond." Big fan of all three, I was excited to read the book. Being about the Ark of the Covenant, as you can deduce by the cover, Ark of Fire is extremely action packed and exciting. I had a very hard time putting it dow
... moren. It was also fun to read about the relationship between Edie and Caedmon. The only reason I gave it 4 stars out of 5 was because of the long, sometimes ambling, historical lessons about Biblical times. It was hard to focus during the chapters that were all historical. Perhaps mixing them together more would have made those lessons easier to follow. All in all, wonderful story. Definitely recommend. less
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I enjoyed this a lot - good book, left wide open for a sequel too :)
Pretty much ok rerun of same old story different characters.
Very good book - hope there is another one.
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