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Paint Me Beautiful (2013)

by C.M. Stunich(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 2
Sarian Royal
A Duet
review 1: Would I recommend it to a friend? YesI can read most things if they are written well. Sometimes I find books that feature 18 year olds are too immature and spend a lot of time being quite descriptive (over describing things like looks which should emerge subtly throughout the book) and cliche.I could see how appropriate it may be for some parents/teachers to encourage young women to read this....But I am very pleased to say that I was interested in this book even though I am twice the main characters age.It would not feature in my top ten and this would purely be because it was reasonably predictable - for example after reading the last paragraph of the sample I felt like I had already read the book. I can see perhaps it may need to be a little bit predictable due to the n... moreature of the content and the risk that a young adult reading it may need to see the hope.Am happy to have read it? YesWould I read more books by this author? Yes
review 2: Reading this book reminded me why C.M. Stunich is such an amazing author. Her characters always have so much depth and reality to them. I have read several of her other books; The Never Series, Triple M, and Hard Rock Roots. Every one of those series have their own unique voice to them, but they still have a quality that is found in all her books. Though they are all love stories--there is always a real life struggle going on in each of the characters. This book was difficult to read at times because of the content. But, also because of the content it was amazingly worth it. Claire Simone is a heartbreaking character and the story is written from her POV. She is anorexic, but does not believe it. Reading from her POV regardless of what struggle one might have had in there life, they can relate. This book touches on the fact that as human beings the person we lie to the most is ourselves and our main need in life is to find our truth and to love ourselves for who we are. Emmett Sinclair comes unexpectedly into Claire's life and without her knowing he becomes her salvation in a way. It isn't him that is saving her, but him showing her that she can in fact save herself.I absolutely loved this book and I highly recommend it. It isn't your typical love story in that it isn't focused so much on them falling in love as it is Claire learning to love herself. less
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Felt so sad for Claire. She doesn't realize that she's more than beautiful inside and out.
All I can say is WOW that was a cliffhanger for sure!!!
A very emotional read.
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