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The Namesake (2012)

by Conor Fitzgerald(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 4
1408824493 (ISBN13: 9781408824498)
Bloomsbury Publishing
Commissario Alec Blume
review 1: I just couldn't get on with this probably because I was listening to it on audiobook and there were so many Italian names and titles that I struggled to remember who anyone was. Also, the Italian was never translated so that didn't help me with comprehension. I also thought that one of the major characters was a Mafia family rather than a man so I was really confused. I kept ploughing on, hoping that there would be a Grand Exposition at the end a la Poirot but that didn't happen so I am still bewildered by it all. On the positive side, the main character was interesting enough (if annoying) and I liked the Konrad plot but, on the whole, I found the Mafia storyline disturbing and I felt the loose ends weren't wrapped up adequately.
review 2: I liked this less th
... morean the other two Blume books. The plot was exceptionally convoluted. The whole Ndrangheta family structure and behavior code is described in excruciating detail - it's a toxic soup of superstition, "honor" and vengeance that has gone on for generations - or centuries. It got to be too much in the end. And Blume is becoming annoying - reckless for no apparent reason, self-centered to the nth degree. less
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I like learning about the Italian scene with the Mafia, Government and the locality angles
My least favourite so far, but I shall probably persevere.
Great author and another great book
Dull, dull, dull
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