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The Cowboy's E-Mail Order Bride (2013)

by Cora Seton(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 1
One Acre Press
The Cowboys of Chance Creek
review 1: Cora Seton doesn't disappoint that little party of my brain that enjoys guilty pleasure reading. Yet, she still seems to come up short when it's time to review. There are things I can't stand in the romance novels of today: "justified" cheating scandals and unprotected sex. In The Cowboy's E-Mail Order Bride we get the later. Here we have a cute tale of boys pranking other boys and a career woman just trying to get ahead at the office ruined the second our couple throws themselves into bed together. Readers aren't dumb, we catch onto your subtle hints or lack there of when protection goes into play. Just like no one likes reading about it, I'm sure author's don't like writing about it but without it, the mind instantly sees the way this story is going to go - unplanned pr... moreegnancy - whomp, whomp, spoiler alert. I know it happens, but in today's world, there is no excuse for it.Still, I can work through that little romance novel taboo in my mind and read on. Which I'm glad I can because Ms. Seton takes a plot typical of 19th century western romance and makes it modern, funny, and all kinds of hot. If you can over look some of the things that might make your eye twitch, you may come up with something you like. The read is light and fun, and in the end, entertaining. I'd say that's just what the author was going for.
review 2: This was simple romance that so many lies and pranks. Ethan has some crazy friends that believe in paybacks but in the end the one payback wasn't a payback at all but thrown in Ethan's face. Autumn responds to a YouTube video to write an article for a sleazy magazine but really ends up falling in love with Ethan and finds the life she has always wanted since she was a kids. Now will it last because Ethan in a man that is expecting to spend his life with only one person... less
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Pretty good short read. Sweet romance and just enough sizzle and deception to make it good.
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Great read.
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