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Otherbound (2014)

by Corinne Duyvis(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 5
1419709283 (ISBN13: 9781419709289)
Amulet Books
review 1: On the one hand, I appreciated that this novel had diverse characters, and its plot surprised me. The characters were engaging enough to justify a slower pace in the first part of the novel. However, my main issue was that I found it difficult to get the worldbuilding/magic system straight; since a good deal of the story hinges upon the intricacies of said magic system, I felt rather lost for good chunks of the novel. This wasn't helped by the already-complex (but successful) challenge of telling a story from two distinct POVs sharing the same body! I'll admit I'm not a regular reader of high fantasy, so those who are familiar with it may have an easier time than me.
review 2: While the plot hooked me instantly and kept me turning pages throughout, I felt that
... morethe worldbuilding needed more fleshing out. I managed to grasp the basic political structure of the Dunelands eventually, and I could sort of keep the various ethnic groups straight, but I never got a sense of the texture of the world, what the buildings and clothing and vegetation looked and smelled and felt like, and I was just never immersed as fully in the world as I wanted to be. That being said, a fun story, great characters, and extra points for diversity done well. less
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This was a wonderful book. It had me hooked from beginning to end!
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