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Not Before Bed (2011)

by Craig Hallam(Favorite Author)
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1466420235 (ISBN13: 9781466420236)
Craig Hallam, via Createspace
review 1: Very well put together book and stories. It was a breath of fresh air compared to the book I read before this. Some of the stories really grabbed my attention leaving me in suspense wanting to read the next page. I wasn’t a fan of all the stories and I felt some weren’t as good as the one before it. Some of them were rather short but every story was easy to understand and grasp as to what was going on. Overall I think it was a very good book to read.
review 2: A superb collection of fourteen chilling tales that you really shouldn't read before bed (unless you're like me and you really can't help yourself). Hallam has a knack for building the tension and fear slowly with Laughter on the Landing, Sarah and the Monster and Albert while giving the reader a sho
... morert sharp shock with March of the Broken, The Fly Man and the title tale Not Before Bed (which by the way may be the shortest but it packs the biggest punch). Hallam also takes the more traditional horror genres and gives them his own unique twist with the original viewpoints of Daisy Chained, Hunting Grounds and Sleeping with the Dead. Each story is very well written and the style changes to suit the story being told with reflections of Poe and Stoker in some and Lovecraft in others. Hallam uses his words carefully weaving the story and atmosphere together to pull the reader in and keep them there until the very last moment. I can't quite bring myself to pick a favourite from these stories but the one that sent the biggest shivers down my spine was the title tale Not Before Bed, which takes your own night fears and gives them a voice, and it's not one you really want to hear. less
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Some were better than others. The one that included references to Doctor Who was AWESOME!
I loved this collection of short stories. Great Vacation Reading.
Very fun book to read when the lights go out!!!
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