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Summer Son, The: A Novel (2012)

by Craig Lancaster(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 3
1469242885 (ISBN13: 9781469242880)
Brilliance Audio
review 1: I had hoped to find 600 Hours of Edward on the library shelf but came upon this book by the same author. Woa! Let's just say I had to text my husband at his work to help me stop crying after finishing the book. Yes, it's chaulk full of family dynamics. It's not easy to like Jim but, in the end, the love that Jim and Mitch had for each other was awesome. It's not a quick read due to the quarreling and it's not a comfortable read. It's a read that will pierce your emotions with the reasons behind actions. Good work, Lancaster!
review 2: Decided to read this after Craig's "Edward" books turned out to be my favourites I've read this year. I really liked this as well, but it didn't hit me so emotionally as the Edward books did. Given the subject matter of a Son tryi
... moreng to reconnect with his Dad, I was hoping for a little more emotional impact from this. Still though, this was a great story done through past/present timelines that really worked well. Lots of secrets are uncovered and certainly add weight to the situation. less
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it was good; a bit predictable and a plot like an after school special, but good
I wouldn't rave about this book but it was a good story and well written
A very powerful novel.
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