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Oak Island Revenge (2012)

by Cynthia D’Entremont(Favorite Author)
3.18 of 5 Votes: 1
1551098997 (ISBN13: 9781551098999)
Nimbus Publishing
review 1: I did not like this book because a lot of things were unclear like why did Marshall kill Charlotte it says that he loves her also if the teacher didn't want every one to suspect him than why did he escape to oak island and the fisher man did nothing so he was pretty useless in the book and I did not understand half the book because it jumped from one thing to another this book will not get my vote
review 2: Wow what a great book! School was finally over Jonah and his best friend Beaz decided to go Oak Island and find the forbidden treasure while they were looking they found a locket. Later on the next day Charlotte ( Jonah's classmate ) went missing. I can't really explain this story or else to would ruin the story. This book was very draggy but good. This book
... more is also very predictable it was obvious that Marshall was the killer this book also sweet well only I part was sweet that was when I found out Jonah's mom is pregnant , since Jonah's older brother died. I wanted to read this book because it was the only red maple book that was in the library. I finished this book because I wanted to make sure that Marshall is the killer. I recommend this book to Ambika, Noor and Joanna. I would recommend this to Ambika and Noor since they both like mystery books and I would recommend this book to Joanna because well ... She likes reading good books. less
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Not bad. The book has a good plot but I wish the characters were more well developed.
I thought this book was a bit confusing and hard to understand.It was a bit boring.
Thanks to Goodreads for opportunity to read this book. It was an okay read.
i thought that this book was really boring.
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