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Bitter Crossing (2014)

by D.A. Keeley(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 2
0738740683 (ISBN13: 9780738740683)
Midnight Ink
review 1: After seven years in El Paso, Texas, Border Patrol Agent Peyton Cote has returned to her hometown, relying on the tiny northern border town of Garrett, Maine to provide a safe environment for her son, Tommy. She’s determined to make a home for the seven-year-old and herself, complete with all the parental support her ex-husband can’t . . . or won’t . . . provide for their son. Peyton is good at her job, but when she finds a baby abandoned on the frozen ground of a potato field, the inevitable questions bring a conspiracy to light. Escalating events jeopardize lives and put her career at risk as things rapidly spin out of Peyton’s control. What follows is a well-written page-turner with a surprising twist or two as Peyton risks everything to find the tru... moreth.
review 2: Review: BITTER CROSSINGI took a few pages to get into.the book, but soon I was absorbed. Outstanding Border Agent Peyton Cote transfers back from El Paso to her hone town, Garrett, Maine, to work the Northern border. Sand to snow and desert cactus to pine forests aren't the biggest changes--soon Peyton is caught up in an international conspiracy run for greed, and battling threats to her son, sister, nephew, and herself. less
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Such an engaging writer! Had me from the first page. I will be reading more of D.A. Keeley's books.
Kept you guessing. Lots of people to keep track of. Great ending.
It was good. It had an unusual setting, northern Maine.
D.A. Keeley thrills with Bitter Crossing.
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