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Reckless For Cowboy (2012)

by Daire St. Denis(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 5
Wolfstreet Press
Stampede Sizzler
review 1: At 117 pages "Reckless for Cowboy" is a quick "Happy Ending" Read. Don't over analyze it just take the book for what it is... Brooke meets Cooper... a healthy dose of flirtation and half-hearted resistance ensues. Brooke and Cooper hook up.... a few misunderstandings get in the way only to be resolved in time for the characters to squeeze in one more "Happy Ending." If you looking for a romantic quickie cowboy "love story" to read give "Reckless for Cowboy" a go.
review 2: Just a fantastic book!!! Very original and a great read. It's a story about Brooke who has been broken hearted by cowboys too often and vows not to get sucked into any more of their lies or promises. Then there's Cooper. Irresistible, smooth and the perfect catch. Try as she may Brooke fa
... morells for Cooper head over heels and ends up learning more about herself in the process than she thought possible. There's sex scenes and then there's the real deal in this book. Exciting, spicy and satisfying. I highly recommend this book and bring along a partner for some moral support!....... less
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Very sweet and romantic. Nicely written although a little predictable.
Cute short story, I would say it's worth a peek!
Pretty good for a freebie.
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