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How To Debauch A Biker (2014)

by Daire St. Denis(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 1
Wolfstreet Press
Savage Tales
review 1: Hot and sexy!! Tessa is looking into a business a friend may be interested in investing money in when she meets Gray the hot ex-military turned biker owner. She immediately feels attracted to him. Gray doesn't want to get involved because he is ashamed of his fetish. Tessa is determined to teach him that he has no reason to be ashamed and decks herself out in leather to seduce him.What Gray doesn't know is that his accountant is a killer. When the man convinces Tessa he is an ATF agent and convices her he is taking her in for questioning, he takes her to Gray's shop. Gray is tied to a chair and has been beaten. This is when they find out that a trusted employee is actually a killer. Tessa and Gray manage to escape and turn the killer in to the authorities. Gray is actually... more the ATF agent and must go into witness protection.I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.
review 2: Book 14/14, by Daire St. Denis, a good 4. It really isn't my taste of kink. There are a lot of people who can deal w/pain-pleasure style kink, unfortunately not me. I DID really enjoy the story around the sex, though. Enough that I'm actually thinking hard on reading the other tales in this series, even though I really didn't like the ending too well. Yes, it was happy just not HEA. That's ok. Life isn't always HEA. less
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now I have to read the the rest because I have to know if they end up together
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