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Children Of The Sea, Volume 1 (2007)

by Daisuke Igarashi(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
1421529149 (ISBN13: 9781421529141)
Children of the Sea/海獣の子供
review 1: I have struggled to find manga that is not cute females with big weaponry or samurai with big weaponry, only two series I have come across have really engaged me. so when this series was suggested to me, I was somewhat hesitant to believe. As the truth is out, so is this manga. The black and white illustrations is stunning, the story flows as an tide with the tale of teenager and two boys, who are believed to have been 'brought up' by Duongs. If you have seen Luc Besson's film, the Big Blue, then this is worthy tale. Looking forward to the next volume.
review 2: Igarashi's art is breathtaking. Thin lines, washes of watercolor, gorgeous seascapes. Still images seem to come alive. While the protagonist, Ruka, and her mysterious friends, Sora and Umi, are children
... more, Children of the Sea is not meant for children. This is a graphic novel with some heavy ideas and themes about life and spirituality with many extended metaphors. The plot might start off slowly, but there is so much richness in Igarashi's expressive details. Take the time to take in each page, follow the pace of their life, and feel the sea calling. less
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Incredible art and an original story. Can't wait to continue with this one.
it was great!but i would wacth out because it is a bacward book.
Nice art, engaging story.
Great artwork!
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