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Children Of The Sea, Volume 2 (2009)

by Daisuke Igarashi(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 4
142152919X (ISBN13: 9781421529196)
Children of the Sea/海獣の子供
review 1: The series as a whole is good. The story is interesting, deep and thought provoking, and weaves a fascinating tale about the origin of life, death and everything in between. I did not particularly like the main cast. They receive a bit of development, but are mostly there as vehicles for the story. Maybe Ruka, her mom, Anglade and Dehdeh could be considered the best of the bunch. The pacing is kind slow, but not in a bad way. I definitely was actively finding time to read it, but it is no page turner like Pluto or MW. The one thing I loved the most about this series is the AMAZING art. Many a frame from these books could be shown on a museum. It looks natural, organic, and the depictions of sea flora and fauna are amazingly detailed and full of life. I definitely recommend... more the series for the art and smart concept alone, but it could've used a bit more exposition to clear up a few confusing plot points.
review 2: This series has really grown on me.I initially had issues with reading R to L, but as soon as I started this book I fell into the flow of it as if I have been reading manga my entire life. I enjoyed the pictures more and the story more.I quite like this story although it is slow. I do hate how it ends. It gets interesting as soon as it ends.I am really happy I kept at this series. I really like it. less
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This story just keeps getting better and better. :)
An intriguing, slow-building story - I'm hooked.
Enjoying this [email protected]
ghosts in the tsunami
4.5 stars
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