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Highschool Of The Dead, Band 3 (2010)

by Daisuke Sato(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 4
3551758867 (ISBN13: 9783551758866)
Highschool of the Dead
review 1: Highschool of the Dead volume 3 contains chapters 8-12 and is a direct continuation of previous volumes. It's best to start at the beginning. At this point the style and tone of the series, including the levels of gore and fanservice, are well established and readers should know what they're in for and whether or not it's within their personal tolerances. So I won't be providing as much in the way of warnings about such things from this review forward. See my reviews of earlier volumes more detail is needed.This volume opens with an ominous glimpse of events in another corner of the world before returning to a brief moment of calm as another day begins in the horrific new world our protagonists have been thrust into. Some comedic touches and character beats lighten things ... morea bit before "They" appear again for another tense life or death battle. As usual the action is very well done and appropriately gripping, but the other parts of this volume are perhaps even more interesting. New characters with rather diverse views are introduced and the look we get at the associated philosophies is pretty fascinating (and somewhat disturbing). The core cast has to deal with some self-reflection on what they have become in addition to dealing with adult survivors who immediately classify them as "just kids." We also get a peak back at the group they left on the bus and what Shidou has accomplished. The pacing is a bit uneven here and there but overall this is a strong volume with a lot of good character development.The art continues to be one of the most impressive things about the series. Just great stuff.Volume 3 balances the requisite survival horror action with more of the underlying morale questions and soul searching that give Highschool of the Dead surprising depth at times. A good installment that builds momentum for volume 4.
review 2: Just as zombie filled as its predecessors, volume 3 shows the gang seeking safety and their folks. After being cornered, the gang is rescued by Takagi's mother and a group of survivors. They take refuge at the Takagi manor, seemingly safe and sound, but mutiny is starting to rear it's ugly head among the citizens the Takagis have taken in. Can peace last or will the barriers crumble down from the inside out? less
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Loved this, very eventful and the illustrations, while somewhat sexualized, were nicely executed.
Este tomo no me agrado tanto, se me hizo algo aburrido.
High school + zombies that's all I have to say.
What is with the girls in this manga?!
F SAT hotd v.3
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