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The Fire Artist (2014)

by Daisy Whitney(Favorite Author)
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1619631326 (ISBN13: 9781619631328)
review 1: I finished this book in less then 2 days and really liked the book! After finishing reading the book, I read some reviews of the book and I was disappointed in the people writing some of the bad reviews! First of all most of the people reviewing the book seem to have forgotten this was a book written for younger audiences and not really for grownups, second this book is only the third by Daisy Whitney and considering this I feel like her book is really really good and can't wait for my daughter to read it! The book had more then Aria being a Fire Artist it also sent a message of hope, determination, and love. I think that people forget sometimes to read between the lines and see what kind of message our children will learn from a book. As we get older we want to be taken ... moreto somewhere else when we read but, as a mother I am hoping when my children read, they will learn something good from the book. In the Fire Artist I believe there are things in the book my daughter can learn about like trusting someone, telling someone when someone is hurting them, and believing in your heart and this is just naming a few. I think that Daisy Whitney did a good job writing this book and feel as she continues to write that she will improve with each book she writes! I look forward to reading future books by Daisy Whitney and will continue to encourage my daughter to read books written by her! Thank you very much for reading my review and hope you take it into consideration whem buying this book for your children! Roxanne
review 2: The characters are (for the most part) awesome and have some great emotional depth. The concept is imaginative and the story is engaging. Often, stories focused on elemental powers do not depict their characters as performers in modern-day America. But that might have been why I had trouble fully connecting to it. It was...weird. It combines a modern-day dysfunctional family/abusive father AND the fantastical elemental powers granted to a select few AND the mythological wish-granting genies. And some romance. It's a lot to fit in! Thus, the book isn't smooth. There's jumps and convenient loopholes and plot breaks that give it the right ending. So, in the end, I did not really enjoy it. But some may. Up to you. less
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Expected publication: October 14th 2014 by Bloomsbury
Intense, smart, emotional and imaginative!!!
Real rating: Maybe 2.5 stars? It was okay.
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