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The Accidental Human (2009)

by Dakota Cassidy(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 2
042522595X (ISBN13: 9780425225950)
Berkley Trade
review 1: First Thoughts: Not really my favorite out of the first three, but it was still a lot of fun.In The Accidental Human Wanda has found out that she has a terminal illness and she knows that she really doesn’t have to die. She has a werewolf and a vampire for best friends. She just needs to tell them what is going on.Wanda is bringing in a lot of money selling Bobby Sue Cosmetics and she is really surprised when a man wants to come to one of her home meetings. Heath is in desperate times and he doesn’t care what he has to sell if he wants to eat. Wanda is surprised when he is actually good at selling.Wanda likes Heath but she doesn’t want to get involved with anyone because of her illness but he is pretty persistent. Heath has a secret of his own though and he is pretty... more surprised when Wanda doesn’t react like he is crazy.Some of the things that happens in The Accidental Human is pretty funny just like the other two in the series. I like Wanda, but over all I think Marty is still my favorite of the three.These books have a fair amount of cussing especially the F word that gets on my nerves a bit because I am not a fan of foul language, but they are still enjoyable books. I think what I didn’t like besides the language is how Wanda deals with dying, not telling your friends or family that you are going to die just is not the right thing to do. I understand her not wanting them to pity her, etc but that just personally is something I can’t stand. I also don’t understand why she just wouldn’t go right to her friends and say..I’m dying turn me, please. I think I would have.The ending is probably my favorite part of the whole book, it was so hilarious!Over all I still enjoyed the story, but as I said I just like the other two more. They are great fun for anyone who likes paranormal romances!Narrator: Meredith MitchellMeredith is really growing on me and I think she does a great job with Wanda. She really got the quirkiness of Wanda and I liked her voice for the man servant (can’t think of his name.)
review 2: Having read the first 2 books in this series, I didn't know whether or not I would like it. I am a HUGE Dakota Cassidy fan on Facebook and love her posts. Her books read like her posts in terms of the wording, like she'll say whateva instead of whatever. I liked the first book, the character is kind of my opposite because she is very girly and I am not. It was a great read, but I didn't feel invested in the character. The second book the main character, who is part of a trio of friends with the first main character and this main character, is slightly more like me because she curses and kind of hates being girly. But she is a little too extreme for me. But this main character was my favorite of them all. She wasn't a paranormal being within the first 5 pages so I guess I could relate to her more. She was human, so she was having human sex and eating regular food and going about her life as well as she can since she found out that she had a terminal disease and met a guy who would change her life on the same day. She makes lists and keeps trying to do the best she can while carrying this huge secret with her. I could also relate to her more because she wasn't as experienced as the other 2 in a lot of areas like sex and relationships because she was married to a jerk for 13 years. While I am not married to a jerk, I can relate to being kind of unsure about some things. I liked that I couldn't immediately figure out what was going on with her guy. You knew it was something paranormal, but I didn't know until he actually told her. I also didn't see the ending beforehand, I wasn't a huge fan of it, but at least it was a surprise. So I think the Dakota did a great job writing a series with 3 different main characters and they were actually 3 different women which I personally think is something that is not seen too often these days. I am unsure if I will pick up anymore in this series, but I will definitely pick up another Dakota Cassidy book! less
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Well I am interested to see what happens next! Better than book 2 as there was less Nina & Marty!
The slang and anger issues get annoying real quick.
I laughed so hard I couldn't stop reading it !!
one of the funniest series, ever.
Slightly amusing, not fantastic.
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