How Maddie Got Crushed by Her TBR: Book Series I Have Yet to Finish (Part 1. Probably)

I don’t know why I referred to myself in third person. I don’t usually do that.

Hello, everyone! How are you today?

As you all know, or maybe you don’t, I’m currently studying in University far, far away (but not really) from my family. So, that means that I am also far, far away from my bookshelf! #SAD, I know. Anyway, I realized that I don’t remember most of the books that I own (because you know, I haven’t seen them in years!) So I asked my sister to help me take some photos of my bookshelf, just so I could remind myself what I’ve read, what I haven’t and what I don’t want to read.

The result was shocking! There are SO many books on my bookshelf that I haven’t read! Add that number to the unread books I have in my apartment and that would mean I’d probably be buried alive! Maybe not, but let me be my drama queen self for now.

That’s why I decided to do this post, to motivate me to read the books that I already own before buying new ones. Let’s face it, I’ll never be able to stop buying books, but my goal is to at least reduce the number of books I buy each month. So far it seems to be working. It’s almost the end of January and I’ve only bought one book