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Accidentally Dead (2008)

by Dakota Cassidy(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 3
0425221598 (ISBN13: 9780425221594)
Berkley Trade
review 1: This was another funny book. The story follows Nina, the tootsie roll. She has a hard exterior but is really a softie. She is paired with Greg the vampire, another level-headed character despite his extraordinary powers. She is turned accidentally when he was getting his tooth filed. She turned into a vampire and she spends a lot of time trying to track down a way to turn herself back. There isn't but she wasn't convinced so she also spent a lot of time maligning Greg. I thought this was forcing it and I kind of got lost but for a lighter read, I wouldn't question it so much. Anyways, Greg tries to acclimate her in the lifestyle, bringing her blood. She resists him, even going so far as doing a shady pseudo drug deal in an alley. For his part, Greg is slated to die soon af... moreter refusing to mate with his crazy sire. Their relationship takes a long while to warm up and finally develops into something when Nina begged to have her grandmother turned. This is why I didn't like Nina. She is hard on everybody as long as she can exempt herself from her own criticisms. After she spends a lot of time bitching about a vampire and reaming Greg about it, she embraces it once it fit her. I don't like hypocrites and she was a big one. I suspect this is why I didn't fully take on the book. She just reeked of fake-ness that I'm sure she doesn't even know. I don't mean fake-ness in a bad way but she has a false sense of self. I didn't really buy into the bad ass nature since I viewed her more a softie trying to act as a hard ass. It would have been better if I was convinced she was a hard ass with a softer side. Instead, it was propped up by her own perception of her self, which I didn't believe judging by her actions. I thought her middle name being Mandy was cute. By far the standout scene for me is when Nina was being targeted by the mystery vampire. His reason? He also doesn't want to mate with the crazy bitch sire, which he will have to do if Greg doesn't mate with her. I like reading about small running jokes and the fact that the sire was absolutely gorgeous but so crazy that no one wants her was funny.
review 2: A great light and fun read. This 2nd book follows potty mouth Nina who just doesn't know when to shut up. But she has a big heart under her tough exterior. The book is filled with a handful of great quotes. And a good laugh. I love dry sarcastic and random humor, and like the first book in this series, this one kept the laughs coming.At this point I love Marty, Nina & Wanda. These gals and their stories would make for a pretty good sitcom, I think.If you're looking for something fun and light, this is a good one to add to your list. Just don't expect too much. The series doesn't take itself seriously and neither should we. Take it for what it is: good silly fun, and you won't be disappointed. Its not heavy or loaded with a heavy plot. Its a light read that'll leave you grinning. less
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More of a 3 star - but i give it a .5 at putting an Alpha type male in there. ;)
Love this Author. Love the way she writes her books.
an old series but so effing fun!
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