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The Truth About Us (2011)

by Dalene Flannigan(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 2
Dalene Flannigan
review 1: This is a good read. I got a deal on this digital book and was not disappointed. The characters are well-developed and realistic. The friendships these women share while young don't seem to transcend themselves as well in to adulthood. But the story line is believable and the twists and turns certainly make you think. I would have liked to see more insight into mental illness and cult/mob mentality as an explanation in the ending. The book kept me whizzing through the pages waiting to see what happened next. Flannigan is organized and detailed in her thoughts and presentation. Maybe more emotions would have been effective in creating some "hate" for the perpetrator in this fictional drama. I would definitely read another book by Dalene Flannigan, if given the ch... moreance.
review 2: This was a pretty suspenseful book. I had to keep reading to see what would happen... or rather what had happened. I like the way it was set up. You got the three points of view, Grace's was in first person, which made the story clearly hers. I liked the switching back and forth between past and present. That can sometimes get confusing but for this story it made sense and the author made it work. The only problem I had was Jude. *SPOILER ALERT* she was out of her mind and I don't like that she had to use Christianity to justify so many of her crazy antics. *SPOILER OVER* other than that, it was a good story. A little mystery that was almost what you think it is from the beginning. The ending flops things on you and makes you go "whoa..." less
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An engrossing, thought-provoking read that i had a hard time putting down. Another free Kindle gem.
Painfully predictable drivel. I finished the book, uneasily.
A good one. I could not put it down.
Loved it!
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