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Čekat Vaše Odpověď (2010)

by Dan Chaon(Favorite Author)
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review 1: The characters in Dan Chaon's novel "Await Your Reply" are all dealing with identity issues. Some of them have been forced to change their identity, some willingly change their identity, and others have no identity unless its in relationship to another person."Await Your Reply" has all the elements of a noir thriller: characters with shady pasts, long cons, femme fatales, mafia hit men, amateur detectives. It has several mysteries working at once, although at the outset, the reader intuitively knows that there is only one mystery at the heart of the novel that will connect all of them. There is, of course, the plot twist at the denouement---one that clever readers may have already guessed at long before but is still somewhat jarring.Still, even with all the elements of a n... moreoir thriller, Chaon's novel isn't the flash-bang type of thriller. This is not the Lee Child or Michael Connelly type of thriller, with exciting shoot-outs, car chases, steamy bedroom scenes, or even somewhat tidy endings. There is not a lot of action in Chaon's novel. There is some suspense, but it is more psychological and cerebral than physical. Arguably, there isn't a whole hell of a lot of closure in the end. None of these are, in any way, negatives, by the way. Chaon isn't going for a traditional noir thriller, so his overturning of our expectations is par for the course.There are essentially three stories in "Await Your Reply". In one, a young boy named Ryan is on the lam with his father, a small-time hustler who is trying to educate his son on the art of the long con. In another, a teenager named Lucy has run away from home with her high school history teacher, Mr. Orson. In the third story, a man named Miles searches the country for his long-lost twin brother, Hayden. The stories alternate evenly between the three. As the novel progresses, it becomes clear how the stories are inter-connected and how the lives of the characters are intertwined, but it is never entirely clear as to what is actually happening until the very end.Of course, even the end leaves more questions than it answers, but Chaon isn't setting out to answer all the questions. Human behavior and motivations are too messy and complicated to figure out. Sometimes, we all do and say things for reasons that are unclear even to ourselves. In the end, a police report or a detective's findings may figure out the who, what, and how, but the why is oftentimes forever a mystery.
review 2: woooooooooow #1 I love POV stories..definitely my favorite type of book#2 I am glad I found another author that can weave in all these characters to create a suspenseful story that has me screaming from shock at the endings!#3 I will def read more of Dan Chaon he has a great writing style I love his characters inner-dialogue and though processes!This is a great book, keeps you guessing til the end..I got one part correct but def not the other situations! Loved this book! less
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Just wonderful. Lots of story threads that don't come together until the end. A haunting novel.
A spooky, gripping story. The play between identity and oblivion is particularly disturbing.
tried hard to get Into this, but it was going nowhere fast. did not finish.
It's a smart, fast-paced novel. The writing's gorgeous. Buy it.
krazy kool
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