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Remembering Christmas (2011)

by Dan Walsh(Favorite Author)
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0800719794 (ISBN13: 9780800719791)
review 1: I really wanted to like this - It sounded like it would be my cup of tea. Unfortunately, Mr. Walsh did not "flesh" out his characters well enough for me to be thoroughly engaged. The storyline was watered down too, until the very end when there was a tiny twist which I liked.I have read and enjoyed other "Christian" fiction, so the fact that this book falls in that genre was not a problem, although it does get a little heavy-handed at times in a preachy kind of way. Unfortunately, this is not a Christmas read which I will keep with my collection and pull out every few years to re-read.
review 2: I always try to read a few Christmas-themed novels during the holidays. I have quite a few downloaded on my Kindle, so the choice is sometimes difficult. As I was vi
... moreewing the titles I had on hand, I found Remembering Christmas by Dan Walsh. I had forgotten all about buying this title, so I was excited about this treat by one of my favorite authors. Wow! This one is a great read and one that I will continually recommend.Rick Denton has a strained relationship with his mother and a non-existent one with stepfather, Art. He feels resentment for all the years he missed with his real father and believes they are the cause. When Art collapses in the family bookstore on the day after Thanksgiving, Rick must return to his hometown to help out. Over the course of the holiday season, Rick makes one discovery after another about his family and himself. What at first is a grudging chore for Rick, running the Book Nook during that Christmas season in 1980 becomes a turning point in Rick’s life.Remembering Christmas is one of the best Christmas-themed books I have read. Ever. This novella-length tale is filled with wonderful characters, the sights and sounds of a time gone by and a great message of forgiveness and grace. It is also pretty predictable, but that is what I wanted! I wanted the book to end how I wanted it to end, and Walsh delivered for me. I laughed and cried and reminisced. If you can read only one Christmas-themed book this year, then make sure it is Remembering Christmas.Highly Recommended.Audience: teens and adults.(I purchased this book for my Kindle. All opinions expressed are mine alone.) less
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A sweet little Christmas read and a lesson in a child's perceptions not always being correct.
This was a very heart-warming Christmas story that had a few surprises. I really enjoyed it!
A good quick good read with a few twists I. The story I didn't see coming.
Heartwarming Christmas story!
very good
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