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The Unfinished Gift (2009)

by Dan Walsh(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 5
0800719247 (ISBN13: 9780800719241)
review 1: this book was so goodthe boys mother died in a car accident. she was on the way to take the boy to see the grandfather that wanted nothing to do with his son or his family. the grandmother had died but secretly saw the daughter in lawthe son was at war. the boy was given to the grandfather to take care of till the son came home. but the son was mia, the boy was so unhappy at the grandfathers, he was not really nice to him, he ran away in a snow storm. a man found him and brought him home the next day. he was rewarded. the boy was having dinner and the grandfather had turned around as he read the letters from his son to his wife and realized she was not the reason behind the rift, she was actually trying to repair itthen the son returned home and everyone was happy... more. USA
review 2: I found this book to be a joy to read. I liked the way the story starts from Patrick's point of view of meeting his grandfather for the first time. The reader is immediately drawn to the sad boy and his observations. The story progresses and the emotions and sympathy for Patrick grow. His harsh, gruff grandfather's attitude is offset by Mrs. Fortini who senses the boy's fear and sadness at losing his mother. She stands between the grandfather and the boy as their guide through this rough adjustment period.As a blizzard blows into town the situation becomes more potent and the reader is sucked into the boy's plight and the choice he made to run away. The heart of the reader is torn as events at home unfold and the tough exterior of grandfather is ripped away. He fears for the safety of Patrick and realizes he is all the family he has. Will they be able to find Patrick before the cold gets to the little boy? Sometimes all the money you have won't keep you warm if you have no family. less
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Nothing really surprised me about this book, but it was wonderfully written and heartwarming.
Good story...but very typical and.predictable. ..slow...skimmed most of it just to finish.
Beautiful book! I've found my book for Christmas gifts this year
I loved this book! Heartwarming story.
very good
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