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Bear Necessities (2010)

by Dana Marie Bell(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 1
1609281179 (ISBN13: 9781609281175)
Samhain Publishing
Halle Shifters
review 1: Extreme case of insta loveWhile I loved "Bunny" in this story, I found the relationship between he and Chloe fell flat. I never once got a feel for any sort of bond between the two. Maybe that’s why this read just didn’t work well for me? I get they are one another's "mates" and they knew that the second they met, but come on. I at least wanted to feel some major spark between them once they got to know one another. I was looking forward to the journey of them discovering actual traits about one another as the story went on, but that just didn’t seem to be the case. They meet, they are instantly in love, and that was pretty much it. Well that with lots of sex. That was the only plus in this story. But almost to a default. It was lots of hot sex with what seemed... more like strangers and a very blah sort of storyline. I just never felt connected to the plot or characters. I don’t think this is a series I will personally continue.
review 2: A but disappointing. I couldn't shake the feeling that Bunny (too much to be funny honestly) was like a teenagers, always talking about Japanese anime and relying so much on his parents. I just didn't feel him. As for Tabby, I wished she was more badass. She survive in the wild for eight years on her own but she is still too weak and scared. She should have grown stronger and tougher. As for the story, well very little is said and even less is resolved but it still didn't make me want to read more. less
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I enjoyed the interactions with Cyn, Glory and Tabby.
Awesome read!
yana goy
whoa steamy
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