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How To Fight Presidents: Defending Yourself Against The Badasses Who Ran This Country (2014)

by Daniel O'Brien(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 5
038534757X (ISBN13: 9780385347570)
Three Rivers Press
review 1: This book almost went into my "could not finish" pile, but as I had blown a credit with Audible I figured I owed it to myself to see it through at least once. Once will be all. The author's scatology is probably best reflected in my overall sense of the work - "shitty." (He doesn't stop there, by the way.) I thought from the outset that he might actually arrive at his premise - that all our presidents were, at some level, truly egomaniacal bad-asses; but I can't say that he really successfully made that case. He might have been better off bypassing a few that he didn't line, such as Millard Filmore, when he could find that they all met his criteria. There were a couple interesting vignettes, such as Washington's seeming desire to be in the thick of flying bullets or... more Lincolns immense strength that allowed him to actually toss a person up to 12 feet or Lyndon Johnson's fascination with showing off his bathroom habits or genitals. I will admit that he seems to have leveled his gaze at almost all the presidents with equal malevolence, regardless, for the most part, of their politics. Please find something else on which to spend your time.
review 2: This book was mildly amusing, but not worth the money I spent on it by far. Daniel O'Brien is a funny writer on Cracked and I enjoy his writings there and the videos he makes, but this book is just a bunch of pro-American rhetoric on how great our imperialistic, racist, jerks we called presidential leaders were. And I know this isn't an academic book, but it would have been nice if Daniel cited some of his sources for his information on the presidents. less
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Amazing and hysterical! Give this to every high school kids you know who thinks history is boring!
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